Etched Crimpable Split Stops Silver Tone or NEW Gold Tone 100/pk


  • Etched-Non-Slip Design
  • Limit tooth movement
  • Maintain proper wire position-reduces emergency visits
  • Provides anchorage
  • Place without removing wire
  • Fits Any Wire
  • Available in Gold Tone or Silver Tone
  • Works  great with our Ultimate Split Stop Crimping Plier

100 per pack

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Feature a patent-pending non-slip design that is about to change what you think about the crimpable archwire stops. Once crimped, they remain securely in place due to the etched surface!

  • Place crimpable stop/hook onto archwire using our Ultimate Split Stop Crimping Plier
  • Apply firm pressure on the mesial and distal aspects, “crimping” the sides of the stop/hook onto the archwire.