Wonderfill Bundle

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This bundle includes:

2 x 51 oz container of Wonderfill
1 x 1.5 gal kit of Wonderadmix Bubble Blaster

$54.95 $32.97
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Wonderfill Advantages

  • Water-soluble & easy clean-up
  • No need to mix alginate filler
  • Eliminates grinding out stone from lower impressions
  • Holds up under heat when making heat-shrink retainers
  • Fills in bubbles, air pockets, missing teeth, & undercuts
  • Enhances the fit of appliances & bleaching trays
  • Excellent in creating a temporary dam when making partial molds


  • No more spray on debubblizers
  • Creates a smoother stone
  • Increases strength, hardness and density
  • Prevents chipping and fractures
  • Controls shrinkage and expansion
  • Causes greater accuracy and fine margins
  • Increases PSI
  • Improves hydration
  • Eliminates the need for surfactants